Enrichment Analysis Workflow for Nextera Rapid Capture data

This demo dataset has been provided, by Illumina, so that users can validate the installation of the Enrichment workflow within the HiSeq Analysis Software (HAS). The data folder (NexteraRapidCapture_DemoData) contains a Run Folder and a README.txt. Briefly, the Run Folder contains 10% of tiles from one lane of reads belonging to the Coriell Sample: GM10861 (http://ccr.coriell.org/Sections/Search/Sample_Detail.aspx?Ref=GM10861) enriched using the Nextera Rapid Capture Exome Kit and sequenced as a 12plx run. Details on running HAS, expected run time, input and output files can be found in the README.txt. The tar.gz folder can be unzipped using the following command: $tar -zxvf NexteraRapidCapture_DemoData


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