MiSeq Reporter Installer

MiSeq Reporter is the bioinformatics data analysis software built into the MiSeq. MiSeq Reporter is available as a standalone software for installation on a US–English, 64–bit Windows workstation. See Computing Requirements.

For installation of MiSeq Reporter, see the Install Supporting Microsoft Files section of the MiSeq Reporter Software Guide.


File Name
File Info
Date Posted
MiSeq Reporter v2.6 ZIP(362 MB) 10/04/2016
MiSeq Software v2.6 Release Notes PDF(< 1 MB) 10/04/2016
MiSeq Reporter v2.5 ZIP(351 MB) 09/23/2014
MiSeq Software v2.5 Release Notes PDF(< 1 MB) 09/23/2014
MiSeq Reporter v2.4 ZIP(342 MB) 03/24/2014
MiSeq Software v2.4 Release Notes PDF(< 1 MB) 05/01/2014