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Beeline Software v1.0

This download includes the installers for the Beeline Software v1.0 and AutoConvert Software v1.6.3.

HCS 1.13/SAV 1.8 Software

This download contains an update to the HiSeq Control Software (HCS), Real-Time Analysis (RTA) Software and Sequencing Analysis Viewing (SAV) Software for the HiSeq and HiScan SQ systems. It is recommended for any system running HCS1.5.15.0 or HCS1.4.8 and lower. For HCS1.4.8 7 users, the release updates recipes and configurations required for use when sequencing Nextera prepared libraries. For HCS1.5.15.0 users, this release fixes a memory leak causing crashes as the first Flow Cell completes. It also reduces the memory footprint of RTA to help mitigate some errors that have been occurring due to communication dropouts (the Flow Cell layout now has 16 tiles per swath instead of 8).

GenomeStudio Software 2011.1

This download includes the installers, README, and Release Notes for GenomeStudio dbSNP129 and dbSNP130, the GenomeStudio Software 2011.1 Framework, and the following GenomeStudio Modules: Genotyping v1.9, Gene Expression v1.9, and Methylation v1.9. 

To run the Genotyping module, users are encouraged to install and run GenomeStudio Software 2.0.

License keys for each GenomeStudio module are included in a text file with the software download.

GenomeStudio Polyploid Clustering Module v1.0 Software

This download include the installer and Release Notes for the GenomeStudio Polyploid Clustering Module v1.0. This module is a standalone installation, however, Illumina recommends to install the GenomeStudio v2011.1 framework and Genotyping Module as a prerequisite prior to installing the Polyploid Clustering Module. The Polyploid Clustering Module can be used for automated cluster analysis of polyploid genomes. The module intentionally does not call genotypes. Instead, it allows the user to factor in experimental design and sample biology and combine the population level cluster analysis to intelligently call genotypes in a workflow outside of GenomeStudio.

KaryoStudio Software v1.4

Download includes the installers for updating KaryoStudio, the User Guide and the Release Notes for KaryoStudio v1.4