Archer FusionPlex Panels

Catalog IDs: SA0045, AK0016-48, AK0017-48, AK0035-4, AK0036-4

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Product Description

Archer FusionPlex assays generate target-enriched cDNA libraries from RNA, even from FFPE samples. Final libraries are sequenced on an Illumina platform and analyzed with Archer Analysis, a bioinformatics solution for detecting fusions, breakpoints, and variants with robust statistical quality assurances. 

Input Requirements

This protocol is optimized for 20-25 ng total RNA. Use PreSeq to quantify input. SureShot Fusion ARR Positive Fusion Controls (catalog #AK0035-4) and SureShot Fusion Negative Fusion Controls (catalog #AK0036-4) are recommended.

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