ScriptSeq Complete Kit (Plant Seed/Root)

Catalog IDs: SCL6PL, BPL1205, BPL1224, SCL6SR, BSR1206

The ScriptSeq Complete Kit (Plant) will be discontinued on November 2nd, 2018. The TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Plant is the recommended replacement product. Illumina remains committed to providing customers with high-quality support and service.

Product Description

  • Removes ribosomal RNA in a single pass
  • Creates a stranded Illumina sequencing library
  • Sequencing data contains complete transcriptome of coding and non-coding RNA species
  • Good for intact and partially degraded small samples – only 100 ng of total RNA required

NOTE: FailSafe PCR Enzyme Mix must be used with the ScriptSeq Complete kits.

NOTE: The Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Solution provided with the kits contains probes for removal of the 5S cytoplasmic and 5S mitochondrial rRNA.