TruSeq DNA Nano Support

Catalog IDs: 20015964, 20015965

TruSeq DNA Nano is also offered in the following configurations. 

Refer to TruSeq Nano DNA LT Library Prep Kit if you have ordered product FC‑121‑4001 or FC‑121‑4002.

Refer to TruSeq Nano DNA HT Library Prep Kit if you have ordered product FC‑121‑4003.

Product Description

TruSeq DNA Nano enables efficient interrogation of samples with limited available DNA. Based on mechanical fragmentation–ligation chemistry, this low-input method delivers high coverage quality and reduced bias for virtually any sequencing application.

Input Recommendations

This protocol is optimized for 100 ng input DNA for the 350 bp insert size workflow and 200 ng input DNA for the 550 bp insert size workflow. Use a fluorometric-based method to quantify input.

TruSeq Nano DNA HT Sample Prep Kit Support