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This course provides a high level overview of key functionality and features of the Beeline data analysis software including; the primary workflow, creating a new Beeline project, navigating and managing data, creating reports, and exporting data.


30 min
CNV Analysis Basics

This course introduces the basics of CNV analysis with the Infinium assay. Topics include Copy Number Variation (CNV), Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH), B Allele Frequency (BAF), and Log R Ratio (LRR).


20 min
Evaluation of Infinium Genotyping Assay Controls

This module provides a guide on how to view controls used in the Infinium Genotyping assay and their expected outcomes. It explains the different types of controls and identifies the assay workflow steps where they come into play.


30 min
GenomeStudio: Performing CNV Analysis Using cnvPartition

After completing this course you will understand the basis for cnvPartition's calculation of copy number, be able to install the Illumina cnvPartition plug-in software, carry out a CNV analysis on a GenomeStudio genotyping project using cnvPartition, and visualize and report the results of CNV analysis using Illumina GenomeViewer.


15 min
Infinium Chemistry

This training provides an introduction to the Infinium assay. It lists the steps of the Infinium assay, describes the biochemical mechanism of each step, and explains how different genotypes produce different fluorescence signals.


20 min
Infinium Genotyping Data Analysis

Details the Illumina recommended workflow.


40 min
Infinium HTS Assay: Manually Loading Samples

This course provides an overview of the steps to load samples onto BeadChips in the Infinium HTS Assay, using a multichannel adjustable pipette.

Languages: Chinese (Simplified), Japanese

5 min