NovaSeq 6000 FAQs

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  • Workflow

  • The NovaSeq Sequencing System supports read lengths up to 2 x 150 bp.

    NovaSeq 6000 reagent kits support single and dual indexing options. The kits include sufficient reagent for 25 additional cycles to support seven chemistry-only cycles plus up to 16 cycles for the index reads.

    The indexing primer has primers for both single and dual indexing. The NovaSeq System follows the same dual indexing workflow as the HiSeq 2500 system.

    The automatic post-run wash uses diluted sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) included in the cluster cartridge. The maintenance wash, which is required every 14 days the instrument is idle, requires user-supplied dilutions of Tween 20 and NaOCl.

  • Software

  • Yes. Sequencing Analysis Viewer (SAV) v1.11 or later is required to view data from a NovaSeq System run. You can download SAV for use on a computer or use BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

    Each cycle of a run requires at least 5.4 GB of space. Therefore, a typical 2 × 150 bp mid-output run requires about 1.7 TB of space. For long-term storage, save nonsequencing data to external storage instead of the instrument. Use the Disk Management screen to view available disk space, transfer the run data to external storage, and clear disk space for a new run.