Illumina RNA Prep with Enrichment (L) Tagmentation FAQs

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  • Analysis

    • DRAGEN RNA Pipeline- Performs fusion analysis and RNA quantification.
    • RNA-Seq Alignment- Aligns RNA-seq reads. Quantifies gene expression, calls small variants and gene fusions. Input for differential expression app.
    • Cufflinks Assembly & DE-Quickly assess novel transcript isoforms and gene expression levels from RNA-Seq Alignment results.

    Results list those targeted respiratory pathogens that have at least the minimum level of support that indicates they may be present in the sample. This decision is based on the pathogen sequence data generated and interpreted based on the number of supporting reads and machine learning.

    For each of the listed pathogens, a Confidence Score is included based on this interpretation. Results also include normalized read and relative abundance information for detected pathogens. Lastly, antimicrobial resistance genes are listed together with the associated bacteria and antibiotics against which they can confer resistance.

    Yes. Available on the IDbyDNA Explify RPIP App on BSSH. Includes a sample .pdf report and screen shots of file outputs.