Local Run Manager Troubleshooting

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  • Troubleshooting

  • The account that is currently logged into Local Run Manager does not have permission to access the network. Log in with an account that has read/write access to the network folder.

    Universal Copy Service is set to the local system by default. Depending on your network configuration, the local system may not have access to the entire network.

    To change service accounts so that Local Run Manager can output to a network folder, do the following:

    1. From the dashboard navigation bar, select the Tools drop-down list, and then select System Settings.
    2. Select the Service Accounts tab.
    3. Select the Windows Account radio button and enter the credentials for an account that has read/write permissions to the network folder.
    4. Select Save.

    There is likely an issue with your Local Run Manager certificate.

    Local Run Manager ensures the security of your data by validating your system name and domain against the name and domain registered in the site certificate. If you recently changed the instrument name or moved the system to a new domain, Local Run Manager will detect a mismatch and not allow you to log in until a new certificate is generated.

    To regenerate a new certificate, do the following:

    1. Visit http://localhost.
    2. Enter your Local Run Manager user credentials if prompted.
    3. From the dashboard navigation bar, select the Tools drop-down list, select System Settings, and then select theCertificates tab.
    4. Select Regenerate the certificate.
    5. Restart your browser.
    6. If you need to connect to Local Run Manager from another device, download and install the regenerated certificate on the remote device.