TruSight Rapid Capture Kits

Catalog IDs: FC-140-1101, FC-140-1102, FC-140-1103, FC-140-1104, FC-140-1105, FC-140-1106

Product Description

TruSight Rapid Capture all-in-one kits enable targeted sequencing library preparation and enrichment for up to 96 samples in only 1.5 days.

Input Requirements

This protocol is optimized for 50 ng of total gDNA. Use a fluorometric-based method to quantify input.

Related Kits

The following kits use the TruSight Rapid Capture protocol and are purchased separately.

  • TruSight Cancer (Catalog # FC-121-0202, 20005612)
  • TruSight Inherited Disease (Catalog # FC-121-0205)
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