BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is the Illumina cloud computing environment for analyzing sequencing data. You can stream data directly from your sequencing run from HiSeq, NextSeq, MiSeq, and MiniSeq systems.

Depending on the BaseSpace apps selected for analysis, the apps generate information about alignment, variants, or contig assemblies for each sample. Using BaseSpace Sequence Hub, you can share or transfer data, which makes it easy to work with collaborators.

When you connect the sequencing instrument to the BaseSpace Sequence Hub, the base call results and associated data files are transferred to your dedicated space on the cloud. The base call files are converted to FASTQ files in the BaseSpace Sequence Hub for use with any BaseSpace Core App or third-party analysis app.

Go to and log in using your Illumina account credentials. The first time that you log in to the BaseSpace Sequence Hub, you are prompted to accept the BaseSpace Sequence Hub agreement.

Form more details, see BaseSpace Sequence Hub Genomics Cloud Computing.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub features are also available as a dedicated server in your lab. For details, see BaseSpace Onsite Sequence Hub Support.