HumanCytoSNP-12 v2.1 BeadChip Compatible Products

Systems and Assay

The HumanCytoSNP-12 DNA Analysis Kit uses the Infinium HD Ultra Assay and is compatible with the iScan, HiScan, Bead Array Reader, and NextSeq 550 Systems.

iScan+ Required No iScan - iScan Control Software Version
iScan(+) Scan Setting Infinium HD Autoloader 2 Version 2.2.13
iScan Scan Time/BC 35 minutes Autoloader 2 Service Version 2.1.1
iScan+ -ICS Version 3.1.17    
iScan+ Scan Time/BC 34 minutes    
HiScan Scan Setting Infinium HD HiScan - iScan Control Software Version 3.2.26
HiScan Scan Time/BC 22 minutes Autoloader 2x Version
    Autoloader 2x Service Version
BeadArray Reader
BAR Scan Setting Infinium HD BAR - BeadScan Version 3.7.9
BAR Scan Time/BC 180 minutes Autoloader Version
    Autoloader Service Version

Data Analysis

GenomeStudio Module Genotyping GenomeStudio Module Version 1.7.4
GenomeStudio Version 2010.2    


Illumina LIMS
Illumina LIMS Compatible Yes LIMS Version 4.2.66
Illumina LIMS Module Infinium Autocall Version 1.6.2
Automated Processing
Illumina Automation Control Version 4.0.5    
Robot Process MSA3 Tip Guide B
    Tip Guide Image Tip Guide Image
    Robot Base Plate Image Robot Base Plate Image
Tip Guide Catalog Number SE-104-1005