Infinium OncoArray-500K v1.0 BeadChip Kit

Catalog IDs: WG-355-1001, WG-355-1002, WG-355-1003, WG-355-1011, WG-355-1012, WG-355-1013


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Microarray Assay Designer

Design a custom assay in DesignStudio for select array systems.

Library Prep and Array Kit Selector

Determine the best kit for your project type, starting material, and method or application.

DMAP Client

Install the software for downloading BeadChip decode map (DMAP) files.


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Infinium Chemistry

Introduction to the Infinium assay, including the biochemical mechanism of each step. Explains how different genotypes produce different signals.

Beeline 2.0 and Infinium Genotyping Data Analysis Workflows

Discussion of Beeline 2.0 features and examples of Infinium genotyping data analysis workflows.

GenomeStudio Genotyping: Creating Custom Cluster Files for Infinium Arrays

Cluster file basics and how to filter and optimize the cluster file.