NextSeq 550 Reagent Kits

Catalog IDs: FC-420-1001, FC-420-1002, FC-420-1003, FC-420-1004

Kit Requirements

Performing a sequencing run requires a single-use NextSeq 500/550 Kit. Each kit contains a flow cell and reagent cartridge prefilled with reagents used for clustering the flow cell and performing the run.

The NextSeq 500/550 Kit (v1) requires manually adding sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and BP13 to the reagent cartridge before the run. For instructions, see Additional Setup Step for NextSeq 500 Kit v1. All other kits include dual-index sequencing primers and NaOCl in the prefilled cartridge. No additional steps are required.

For other system requirements and product compatibility, see Compatible Products.

Flow Cell Types

Each reagent cartridge and flow cell is marked High or Mid for easy identification. Use the appropriate reagent cartridge for a given flow cell type. The buffer cartridge is universal.

Kit Name

Flow Cell Type

Number of Tiles

NextSeq 500/550 High Output Kit

TG NextSeq 500 High Output Kit

NextSeq high output flow cell

864 tiles

NextSeq 500/550 Mid Output Kit

NextSeq mid output flow cell

288 tiles

Contents and Storage

Reagents are sensitive to light. Store the reagent and buffer cartridges in a dark location away from light.






Reagent Cartridge

-25°C to -15°C

Contains clustering and sequencing reagents


Buffer Cartridge

15°C to 30°C

Contains buffers and wash solution


Flow Cell*

2°C to 8°C

Flow cell



-25°C to -15°C

Hybridization Buffer

* Shipped at room temperature. Store at 2°C - 8°C.

† HT1 dilutes libraries before sequencing. For more information, see the NextSeq System Denature and Dilute Libraries Guide.