HiSeq 1000 Compatible Products

Cluster Generation

Cluster the flow cell on the cBot 2 System or cBot System before sequencing on the HiSeq 1000 System.

Sequencing Primers for Dual-Indexed Libraries

Sequencing primers provided in the TruSeq Dual Index Sequencing Primer Box are required for sequencing the following libraries on the HiSeq 1000:

  • Any Nextera libraries with any number of indexes. Use the single-read (SR) box with SR flow cells and the paired-end (PE) box with PE flow cells.
  • TruSeq HT libraries when performing a dual-indexed run on a single-read flow cell.

Run Components

Use the compatible version of HiSeq Control Software (HCS) and Real-Time Analysis (RTA) software for your kit. For kit details, see HiSeq 1000 Reagent Kits.

Kit Name cBot Software HiSeq Control Software
TruSeq Cluster Kit v3 cBot v1.4, or later HCS v1.4, or later/RTA v1.12, or later
TruSeq SBS Kit v3 Not applicable HCS v1.4, or later/RTA v1.12, or later
TruSeq Dual Index Sequencing Primer Box cBot Software v1.4.36, or later
cBot Recipe Installer v1.0.13 
HCS v1.5/RTA v1.13. or later