AmpliSeq Library PLUS for Illumina Compatible Products

Protocol Requirements

An AmpliSeq for Illumina library prep protocol requires the following kits:

Protocol Accessories

The following kits and panels are add-ons to the protocol:

  • AmpliSeq Library Equalizer for Illumina (catalog # 20019171)—Normalize libraries using a bead-based method
  • AmpliSeq for Illumina Sample ID Panel (catalog # 20019162)—Generate a unique ID for each sample
  • AmpliSeq for Illumina Direct FFPE DNA (catalog # 20023378)—Prepare DNA libraries from FFPE tissue
Accessory and Panel Compatibility

The following table shows which acessories you can use with each panel.

AmpliSeq for Illumina Panel Library Equalizer Sample ID Panel Direct FFPE DNA
Cancer Hotspot v2 X X X
Childhood Cancer X X* X
Comprehensive Cancer X X X
Comprehensive v3 X X* X
Custom and Community X X X
Exome X    
Focus X X X
Immune Repertoire X    
Immune Response X    
Myeloid X X*  
On-Demand X X X
TCR beta-SR      
Transcriptome Human Gene Expression X    

* Included with the panel. Otherwise, it is sold separately.

Panel Information

For information on AmpliSeq for Illumina panels, including the library prep protocol and how many kits to use, see the support pages for your panel: