NovaSeq 6000 Compatible Products

Sample Information

Use Illumina Experiment Manager to record information about your samples, such as sample ID and which index adapters are used for pooling. 

Library Preparation

See NovaSeq Applications and Methods for possible applications.

After library prep, denature and dilute libraries to a loading concentration of 300–500 pM. For instructions, see the NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing System Guide.

Run Components

Use the compatible version of NovaSeq Control Software (NVCS) for your flow cell. For more information on flow cells, see NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kits.

Flow Cell NVCS v1.1.0 NVCS v1.2.0 NVCS v1.3.1 NVCS v1.4.0 NVCS v1.6.0
SP         X
S1     X X X
S2 X X X X X
S4   X X X X
Xp     X X X

Data Analysis

Use Sequencing Analysis Viewer or BaseSpace Sequence Hub to monitor real-time quality metrics during a run.

To analyze sequencing data, choose from the following options.